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This is Purely

Our passion at Purely Products runs a twin track. We are focused on meeting the unstoppable groundswell for responsible products for responsible living as we fulfill our heart's mission to help children in need.

Pure and simple, small actions with the right heart can make big changes.


We are curious and discerning consumers looking for products for cleaner, healthier living. So, we develop the kind of products we want to use. We excel at translating proven technology (technology too cool to ignore, actually) into every day applications that make life better for everyone.
Living responsibly is a balancing act. We can help each other gain our footing. Purely puts products in your hands to make eco-friendly decisions for clean, healthy living easier, hopefully with the kind of compelling innovation, sterling quality and outright affordability that makes Purely Products an obviously smart choice.


Children are the most precious resource on this one precious planet that we all share.
Responsible living to us also means sharing responsibility for children who need our help. Helping children is our passion at Purely, so we love the bottom line, literally. Purely Products donates a percentage of all company sales to support diaperLove™, a non-profit organization founded to provide diapers and hygiene products to children in need. With every Purely Products purchase, you can take small steps that make a big difference towards clean, healthy living and at the same time, make a big difference to a child.

Purely Products 2011 Pinnacle Innovator Finalist!

Launched in 2006 in Knoxville, TN, Purely lives and breathes innovation in the heart of a technology corridor historically renowned for world-class research, innovation and scientific application – featuring a Department of Energy national security complex and Department of Defense national laboratory. Next-generation thinking utilizing CFL energy-savings and super-efficient LED lighting, ionizing technology and chemical-free UV sanitizing applied to everyday products landed Purely a Pinnacle Innovator Finalist nod in 2011. Nominees are recognized for being a “business that has developed a new technology, innovative product or service or applied a business process or service in an innovative way.”