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Cleaning up our kitchen act

Posted by: Roberta Modena on 9/3/2010
As this NY Times article begins, Food scares, such as the latest salmonella outbreak and egg recall, often trigger a rethinking in cooking and shopping habits. Any kind of recall or universal food scare triggers a rethinking of our habits and sends us scurrying for fixes and remedies. For a while. Then, the scare moves out of the headlines, and how many of us slack off from our new clean and healthy living habits?  Too much trouble. Forgot to do it today. Just this once won’t hurt.

This full article on creating a clean kitchen,
In the Age of Recalls, Tips for a Pathogen-Free Kitchen reminds us,  “This summer’s huge egg recall was the latest reminder that we do battle against dangerous pathogens like E. coli and salmonella in our kitchens every day. And the battle is expensive.”

Recently a
nutritionist reviewed Pocket Purifer, the handheld UV germ-killer that kills 99.9% of germs that cause colds and flu, plus E. coli and salmonella, along with mold, fungus and MRSA (staph). Among several suggestions is using the right cutting board and keeping it sanitized.

“First a dietician, now a nutritionist, I used this product in the kitchen to sanitize the surface of my cutting board after cutting raw chicken and then switching to lettuce.”  

Ultraviolet light technology, a non-chemical approach to disinfection, is used in sewage treatment plants, hospital clean rooms and many other areas where killing bacteria, viruses and spores is crucial.

So how does UV light work?  UV-C light is germicidal, 
deactivating the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroying their ability to multiply and cause disease. Specifically, UV-C light causes damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms, preventing the DNA from being unzipped for replication, and the organism is unable to reproduce. In fact, when the organism tries to replicate, it dies. A very satisfying thought for any chef.

After cleaning with your favorite eco-friendly cleaner, give those cutting boards and counters a once-over (15 -20 seconds over the surface at about a distance of 2-3 inches).  If you’re looking to green up your kitchen, cut down on your chemical exposure and keep your family healthier- this compact, lightweight, good-looking but
deadly little germ-killer may be just the thing you want to pop in your kitchen drawer and pull out often.

We‘re looking for a few good foodies to try Pocket Purifier! Anyone game? DM us @purelyproducts and tell us what you think of kitchen germs.
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