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Posted by: Roberta Modena on 12/17/2010 | 0 Comments
How many eco-friendly consumers does it take to change a  lightbulb? How many to  change a life?

Purely Products makes it easy to help change lives. A national TV campaign for Healthy CFL  launched in December makes clean, healthy living easier for families and at the same time, makes it easy to help children in need – through diaperLove, a nonprofit organization providing diapers to children in need. Changing diapers. Changing lives.

Meet the hardest working lightbulb on the market.

Healthy CFL
, super energy efficient compact fluorescent lightbulb, saves consumers energy and money.

With the added bonus, of cleaning the air of allergens with a built-in ionizer.

And for an encore, it puts diapers on babies’ bottoms
.  A percentage of every Purely Products purchase supports diaperLove.

So consumers can change their own families’ lives with a cleaner, healthier environment in their own home. And they can help change the lives of countless children in need every time they shop online  or at national retailers.

What an easy switch to make. Every time you change a Purely lightbulb, you can help a change a life.

Ninety Percent of Consumers Want Companies to Support Causes

American consumers are huge supporters of cause marketing campaigns,  according to Allyson Kapin’s blog in
care2.com. She cites the 2010 Cone Cause Evolutions Study that finds 90% of consumers want companies to tell them the ways they are supporting causes.

More than 278 million people in the U.S. want to know what a company is doing to benefit a cause.  Consumers are “primed, attuned to cause branding” and ready for “deeper engagement.”

Are those your feelings as a consumer? Are you more likely to buy from a company who is cause-focused?
We love any blogger’s post that includes the shout-out,Purely Products is my kind of company.” But then able2able.com put Healthy CFL, the little air purifier wrapped in a compact fluorescent lightbulb, to the ultimate smell test – baby poo and doggie drool.

You can read her entire review including her passion for
Pocket Purifier here, but check out her family’s bottom line on the bulb.

“I also reviewed the
Healthy light bulb. This innocent looking compact fluorescent lightbulb actually has an air purifier in its middle. The Healthy CFL cleans the air of cigarette smoke, pollen, mold, germs, dust, odors, pet dander and other airborne contaminants. As it cleans, the built-in ionizer also counters the draining effects of positive ions emitted every day by items like computers, cell phones, televisions, and forced air ventilation, while flowing a steady stream of refreshing negative ions into the air to boost mood and energy. Yeah, I was happy to have two of these in my home!

So does the Healthy CFL work?

My Red Dog loves to sneak on the couch when we are out on Clara-Bear’s longer appointment days. I discovered he was drooling on my couch when I started coming home to a closed up house with a funky smell. Now I leave the living room light with the
Healthy CFL bulbs in it and I no longer notice a dog smell or closed up stuffy smell, even with the a/c turned up to 79 degrees. Since the Healthy CFL uses 80% less energy than a traditional light bulb we have not noticed an increase in our electricity bill with the light on all day.

I also had to move my essential oil diffuser out of the living room since I could not smell my beautiful oils. And I put the Healthy CFL to the ultimate, grossest test yesterday. I changed a super-pooper diaper underneath it, turned the a/c temp up, and left the house for an hour. I was relieved not to smell poop when we returned!”

Since we have a houseful of asthma, allergies, and exzema, I really like knowing that allergens and triggers are being cleaned by the Healthy CFL’s along with the funk.

Got any household funk issues for the little light bulb that could to take on?  Two free  Healthy CFLs to the grossest funk challenge! Thru 9/15/10.
Posted by: Roberta Modena on 4/12/2010 | 0 Comments
How many bulbs does it take to change an energy-guzzling habit?

Or as Charles Fishman proposes, change the world? Just one. If every American home replaced just ONE incandescent light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified bulb, like compact fluorescent lightbulbs, (Healthy CFL from Purely Products for example), in one year it would:

Should I wait until all my incandescent bulbs burn out before replacing with CFLs ?

The reality is, Ellen Florian reports, “You’d be wasting a lot of  money and energy. Scientists Jeff Tsao and Mike Coltrin of Sandia National Laboratories calculate you’d save money by tossing a new 60-watt incandescent and replacing it with a fluorescent. Why? The money you’d save on your electric bill with the CFL would more than make up for the cost of both bulbs. Over the CFL’s 12,000-hour lifetime, you would save some $51.”

So, how is Healthy CFL different from other CFLs?

Healthy CFL is the hardest-working bulb in the house. It’s a compact fluorescent lightbulb wrapped around an air purifier. While it saves you money and energy and helps cut greenhouse gas emissions, it’s helping remove dust, cigarette smoke, pollen, mold spores, pet odor and dander and other allergens. Any of those clogging the air in your house?

Watch Healthy CFL
remove cigarette smoke in 30 seconds.

Any other reason why I should pop in a CFL (like this really swell Healthy CFL)?

You bet. The “Energy Bill” of 2007 requires all lightbulbs use 30% less energy than today’s incandescent bulbs by 2012,  phasing out 100-watt bulbs in January 2012 and ending with 40 watt bulbs in 2014.  Healthy CFL (along with Premium CFL and Pet CFL) use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and already meet the new efficiency standards.

Good for the pocketbook.  Good conservation. Good citizenship.

Last question. It’s Earth month. Good time to switch?

Leave us your brightest idea for greening your house and the best one gets a Healthy CFL
to get you going.
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