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"Responsible Products for Responsible Living"

Posted by: Roberta Modena on 4/29/2010 | 0 Comments
In March, she reviewed and ran a fun giveaway for Purely Products handheld UV light germ killer, Pocket Purifier. She’s at it again – talking clean and healthy living. Survey Junkie (how can you not love that name?) is smack dab in the middle of her Purely Products Ionic Lifestyle giveaway.  Win either the Purely negative ion generator for your home or for your car. (Ends May 12, 2010 at 9pm est.)

Want to know how negative ions create positive vibes? Find out why they are called
“vitamins of the air”   to improve mood, enhance clarity and help allergies. Want a first hand account of what Ionic Lifestyle can do for the good humor and well being of your household … When I received this negative ion generator for home I didn’t tell anyone and I plugged it in to the outlet in the living room where everyone spends a good portion of time and I watched and waited… read Survey Junkie’s review.

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Posted by: Roberta Modena on 3/24/2010 | 0 Comments
At its founding in 2006, Purely Products blazed a narrowly targeted trail to fill a market niche and offer the best germicidal ultraviolet bulbs available. A few years in, we are the leading national brand with the largest selection of 100% quartz UV replacement bulbs and our customers trust us to take good care of them.

But suddenly, people with very good ideas for fresh new consumer techie products found us to collaborate. Innovative ideas, sometimes startlingly so. Lifestyle enhancing. Problem solving. Clean and healthy living driven.
Carbon footprint shrinking. Products you fold into your day – the kind that cause friends to ask, Where’d you get that? How does that work? Who knew? Products with intriguing what if’s?

What if
we wrapped an energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulb around an air purifier? So it not only uses less energy than an incandescent and saves CO2 emission, but also cleans the air with a built-in ionizer – so you can love your cat (as much as a cat will allow it) pet your dog and lose the dander and the odor?

What if
Purely’s ionizer technology came in a nifty Ionic Purifier - Autoyou just plug in and it emitted negative ions that lift your mood, leaving you feeling energized? So you feel a bit more like you’re collecting sand dollars at low tide, than caught in traffic with a van of  post-soccer practice 10-year olds?

What if
you could carry a pocket-size UV-C light that sterilizes all those germy surfaces you face everyday – the computer keyboard everyone at work uses, thePurely Products PocketPurifier handheld germ eliminating light kitchen counter after your son makes sandwiches, hand weights at the gym, your purse after it spilled on the theater floor, the baby’s pacifier?

What if
you could, by simply hitting an Add to Cart button, know that a percentage of your Purely Products’ purchase goes directly to provide diapers to babies in need who deserve a healthy, dry little behind? You can learn more about Purely Products’ passion and why Sharing God’s Love One Dry Behind at a Time is truly our bottom line at diaperLove. It represents the heart and soul of who we are.

In the quirky soul mate romance,
LA Story, Steve Martin said, “There’s someone out there for everyone – even if you need a pickaxe, a compass, and night goggles to find them.” Translation? There are people who are meant to change your life one day at a time. The trick is … finding them.

There are products, and we like to think companies, whose mission is to help change your life one small step at a time.  The trick is … finding them.

Since you’re here, reading this, your compass led you to us. That works out well.  We were looking for you, too. Since we seem to be going in the same direction on
things that really matter to all of us (healthier families, cleaner earth, happier children), let’s do this trip together.

It’s a journey that takes some juggling to keep a balance, and then dares us to try something new that makes clean and healthy living easier. See how it works, adjust, listen, learn, embrace it. Small steps in the right direction can make a big difference in all our lives.

Responsible products for responsible living
is true north for Purely Products. Bringing innovative, eco-friendly, healthy living products to market, all the while helping kids. So there’s our compass. We’ll grab the pickaxe. You bring the night goggles.

Tell us, what pointed you in the direction of cleaner, healthier living?

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