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Posted by: Roberta Modena on 7/9/2010 | 0 Comments
The inspiration for Purely Products was the fairly unglamorous mission to offer the very best and most affordable UV replacement bulbs on the market. Less than five years later, Purely UV is the leading national brand with the largest selection of 100% quartz  ultraviolet replacement bulbs and sleeves, all guaranteed to fit.

Purely UV bulb (which comes in all shapes and sizes to fit most manufacturers’ bases) may not be glamorous or breathtaking or inspiring, but what that little bulb keeps cleaner and clearer definitely is.

As homeowners turn to “staycations” and invest in expanding their living spaces beyond their bricks & mortar walls, all kinds of water features – water gardens, waterfalls, naturalistic streams, fountains, lily and koi ponds –  have dominated  the must-have trends in landscaping and gardening over the past few years.  (Maybe another reason is the
positive effects of negative ions, generated by water gardens and waterfalls are proven to soothe soul and spirit. Kind of been a theme here lately. We’re just sayin’ … )

So now, for a little cooling summertime inspiration in this scorcher of a 2010 summer, here is a stunning tour of some gorgeous water gardens from a more temperate summer, courtesy of a self-described “17th century frugalista on a modern suburban homestead,”
the Empress of Dirt.

So much for the inspiration. Now for the perspiration.  If you want some practical know-how on how-to build a water garden, read up on the basics  from a
Purely UV customer, water garden guru, Trevor Cole with Across the Pond.

Send us a photo and your best story about building (or maintaining) your water garden by July 31, 2010  to patricia (at) purelyproducts (dot) com. We’ll post them. Best story gets two free Purely UV bulbs of your choice (because you need to replace your pond’s bulb at least once a year, right?).
That’s one of the conclusions from a mother with an environmental science background with an interest in brain chemistry exploring the contributing factors to ADD, attention deficit disorder.  In a blog on her website, Born to Explore, The Other Side of ADD, Teresa Gallagher details a plan to create balance with hormones that affect brain chemistry.

Our ears perked up when she got to serotonin levels.

is a hormone that is found naturally in the human brain. Serotonin can be considered a “happy” hormone, as it greatly influences an overall sense of well-being. It also helps to regulate moods, temper, anxiety, and relieve depression. It is also credited with being a natural sleep aid.

Gallagher lists stress, modern food processing, lack of exercise & sleep, poor nutrition, and deionized air as principal causes of  reduced serotonin levels.

21st century lifestyles take their toll even as they make life easier with all the eletronics that fill every possible crook and nanny (uh, that would be nook and cranny if I were paying attention) of our lives. Gallagher ticks off a top ten plus one list of proactive, non-medicating, more organic steps to take to create more balance in your brain’s lab.

Tips 1 through 10, you can incorporate some healthy new lifestyle habits right now, like more sleep and exercise, improve your diet, meditate or do yoga, keep cool, add in B vitamins, look for ways to relieve stress every day.

Tip No. 11?

Buy an air ionizer. Yes, it sounds weird, but air with negatively charged particles appears to help out serotonin in the brain. Pollution and the modern world have nearly eliminated naturally charged air in urban areas. You can feel the pleasant effect of negative ions wherever there is running water, like an ocean beach or near a waterfall. The opposite – positive ions – are generated by warm winds moving over dry land, like the Santa Ana winds of California, which are known to increase irritability…

Tip #11. Got that covered. Plug into
Ionic Lifestyle.

Negative ion generators that emit 2,000,000 negative ions (also known as anions) per cubic centimeter counter the energy-draining effects of positive ions emitted by electronics, household materials, and other trappings of modern living. In your car, at your computer, in front of your big-screen tv – wherever you are bombarded by positive ions, you can plug in an Ionic Lifestyle unit from
Purely Products, a leader in negative ion technology, and naturally charge the air, increasing “feel good” serotonin levels and improving oxygen flow to the brain.

Check out this
mom’s recommendations to engage the help of this hard working “happiness molecule.”  Can you see integrating any of these changes into your life to see the difference they could make?
Posted by: Roberta Modena on 4/23/2010 | 0 Comments
From all of us at Purely Products, a big THANK YOU (ooops, all caps is shouting), thank you to tweeters and followers, fanners and likers

of the 2010 Purely Earth Day Giveaway. Your Pocket Purifier, HealthyCFL or SunMate to make clean, healthy living easier will soon be on the way to you. (Giveaway ended April 23 12:01 am)

We can’t answer everyone in this space, but here are some random clips from posts and answers. A few are recycled from
Earth Day emails, comments & tweets, but hey, Earth Day is all about the recycling.

To our new
FB liker in Pell City, AL and others wondering: YES, to us liking is the same as fanning and definitely giveaway-worthy. And thank you Facebook for the running change during our giveaway. Either verb works for us.

@EcoBlogz. Absolutely, we want you to review
Pocket Purifer. New bloggers found us on Earth Day!

@ScottSchablow “Greetings Purely Products people of earth,” We like being addressed as people of earth.  Thanks for fan/like/follow and that lovely old fashioned fav, “warmest regards.”

To S in Knoxville  Thanks for calling it an ”Awesome giveaway,” @KatTansey who tweeted “great promo idea” and @CourtV who found it an ”interesting campaign.”

@aemccarthy Thank you for your excitement over your “green mystery thing.”  Congrats on just beginning to use CFLs and declaring that “Healthy CFL looks so awesome!”  Fyi, it is. Watch it
eat cigarette smoke like PacMan.

To J. in Knoxville, wondering in your email  if you were one of the 2010. Yes, you are.

@ghmiller As far as your daughter’s study light, @purelymyron chimed in and he has a solid opinion on
wattage and Kelvin for best reading.  Stay tuned. We want your daughter to have a very bright future in her studies.

To D who heard us on The Phil Williams Show. Thanks for your loyalty to hometown business and thanks to Phil for the giveaway shoutout.

To someone – we can’t remember this minute – who emailed, asking for the “sun thing.” We assume you meant 
SunMate and not the actual star that is the center of our Solar System and 1,392,000 kilometers away from Earth. Cause we can’t ship that.

To H in Knoxville who already knew us. ”… I love the products your company has to offer.” Thank you.

To J. in Canal Fulton, OH who wants a black
Pocket Purifier and @HilLesha who wants a pink one, you’re both going to love what this little germ-eliminator can do.  

We like knowing we were part of over
31 billion acts of green on Earth Day. We like following in the corporate carbon-cutting footsteps of Arm & Hammer, the first and sole corporate sponsor of Earth Day 1970. We like getting to know you getting to know us…starting a conversation…taking eco-nomical steps together… your trying Purely Products and taking time to share.

And finally, to the bright eyed toddler visiting her daddy at Purely corporate headquarters on Earth Day wearing a green tie-dyed shirt proclaiming,
I love my planet  … Thank you for helping us remember Earth Day is really all about you.

Thanks y’all for a Purely awesome 2010 Earth Day. We like (fan/follow) you, too!
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