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The Purely Community

The Purely Community is an online conversation about responsible products for responsible living. Help us create this community of curious consumers passionate about cleaner, healthier living for our families and a cleaner, healthier planet for us all.

Families and Purely Products are woven so tightly, we truly can't talk about one without talking about the other. Our purpose overlaps our passion, helping children in need. And in this conversation, we put our money where our mouth is every day. A significant portion of all Purely Products sales goes to support diaperLove™ - a non-profit that provides diapers to children in need.

Collaborate to create

The best ideas are consumer-driven. Purely Products' approach to product development is fluid, flexible, and responsive. We find product niches for eco-friendly, clean and healthy lifestyle categories and fill them. It never ceases to delight us to discover how consumers, like you, find ways to make life better with Purely. We want to know what you are thinking, what you like, what needs tweaking, what else you're looking for from us. What part of the clean, healthy living conversation lights you up?

Input and feedback always welcome

Vetting products openly in the marketplace these days is part of the drill. We can't bring the best products that fulfill our mission without fair, honest input and feedback from our customers. Our creative mission thrives on lively dialogue, imagination and the moving-target mental exercise called What if we..? So let's start talking.

Our pledge

  • Ask questions. Listen carefully. Speak respectfully.
  • Communicate information & stories worth your time.
  • Embrace feedback openly - post all reviews and customer ratings.
  • Preview new products in process with community members.
  • Respond and act quickly.
  • Become a go-to resource.
  • Inspire brand fans who influence others.
  • Energize our community with the possibilities we see.

Your Pledge

  • Engage openly, honestly and fairly in forums and blogs.
  • Share knowledge, insights, ideas, opinions and feedback.
  • Tell stories that resonate with others in our community.
  • Keep us up with the buzz in your circles.
  • Tell us what you'd like to see from us.
  • Share with our community when you like what you see, and when you don't.
  • Participate respectfully.

Our Comment Policy is basic common sense and courtesy, but good guidelines.