Ionic Purifier - Auto


Ever wonder why you get tired from driving even on short trips? The air within your automobile often contains positive ions from carpet, fumes, gasoline and even new car smells which all increase fatigue and make you feel sleepy.  The Ionic Purifier – Auto plugs into a 12V outlet to instantly freshen up your vehicle and eliminate odors like tobacco smoke and fast food odors. The powerful device emits 2,000,000 negative ions into the air stimulating oxygen to the brain making you more alert and energized.  Negative ions have been extensively studied for their ability to improve cognition and concentration during driving.  Don’t take your next road trip without Ionic Purifier Auto! 


Will the Auto Ionizer work in my car if my cigarette lighter doesn't work (or my car doesn't have one)?
No. The Auto Ionizer needs to have an operational cigarette lighter receptacle or standard 12-volt power supply receptacle found in newer model cars to power the ionizer. Once plugged in an indicator light will light up showing the Auto Ionizer is on and ready to clean the air and remove car odors.


  • Plugs directly into any automobile adaptor generating more than 2 million super powerful negative ions per cubic centimeter*
  • Freshens your vehicle to remove car odors like tobacco smoke, food smells, and even carpet and chemical odors
  • Removes positives particles like dust, mold, pet dander and tobacco smoke keeping your car odor-free and dust-free
  • Boosts energy and alertness needed for driving and concentration as a result of increased blood flow to the brain
  • Fits any size car, truck, or van
  • LED indicator light shows it's working

*Based upon testing results from the Korea Far Infrared Testing Association

How it Works

Did you ever notice when you got to the beach or near the mountains, you feel invigorated?

That’s because these natural escapes have the greatest concentrations of negative ions and they make us feel refreshed. Also referred to as “vitamins for the air” ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, moving air and water. The greater the concentration of negative ions, the greater the energizing effect upon body and mind.  Plug in a Purely ionizer in your home, office, car and computer USB and feel the difference.


I bought a Pre-owned car from the dealership that at first smelled all deodorized but after about 400 miles and the spray the dealer sprayed wore off, I could tell the car must have belonged to a smoker. So I looked around on line for something to clean the air in cars and found your Auto Ionizer unit on Amazon. Now when my friends get in my car they ask and tell me "is this a new car, I love the new car smell." So obviously, this unit is doing its job and has helped with eliminating the smoke smell. It’s not too expensive and really freshens up my car when driving like the window is down all the time. I would definitely recommend this product. ---Dan - Williamsport, PA

I actually like a new car smell but I do admit I eat in my car when I’m on the road.  I really don’t like the smell of those dangling Christmas tree deodorizers so I bought the ionizer to keep my car smelling clean and it’s amazing how well it works.  I never unplug it and it seems to make me feel better when I’m driving too.  They say it’s the negative ions so I can tell you that it’s definitely working. I’m planning to get one for my boyfriend as a gift.  It’s a great gadget. Maggie - Port St. Lucie, FL   

Ionic Purifier - Auto